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Community Education

Project DEAMHI, Inc. offers: 

  • Educational presentations and professional development training on mental health topics to community members 

  • Sessions can be delivered at local schools, social service agencies, and health care organizations

  • See what seminars and trainings are available below! 

Youth Development Trainings

  • Effective Youth Development Work

  • Green Dot Youth Violence Prevention 

  • How to Creatively Discuss Sexuality with Teens

  • Managing Anxiety in the Classroom

  • Media and Its Impact on Youth Development

  • Trauma and the Effects it has on Our Children

"I love everything about today's session. Ms. Belinda was great in providing feedback and providing her example of self-care."
Participant from Self Care Practice and Understanding the Effects of Secondary Trauma On You Workshop


Mental Health Trainings

  • Psychotropic Medication as a Self Care Plan

  • Social Justice Issues and Its Impact on Mental Health

  • Self Care Practice and Understanding the Effects of Secondary Trauma on You

  • Adolescent Brain Functioning Workshop

  • Suicide Prevention Trainings 

    • Introduction to Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

    • For Adults: Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) Method​

    • For Teens: Signs of Suicide (S.O.S) Method

"Talking about how the brain functions and problem-solving skills of teenagers has helped me look at my mentee from a more strength-based perspective instead of getting frustrated with her quickly on how she handles life!"
Participant from Adolescent Brain Functioning Workshop

Trauma Informed Care Trainings

  • The Delicate Dance of Communication: Motivational Interviewing

  • Creating Positive Team Synergy for Strength Based Customer Service

  • Strength-based Customer Service in the Non-Profit World

  • Impact of Substance Use Disorder on our Clients

  • Intimate Partner Violence: Understanding Factors that Impact Survivors​​

  • Intimate Partner Violence: Creating Opportunities to Talk About It 

  • Trauma through the Eyes of Your Clients: How to Help Clients Navigate in the Direction of Healing

Support Group

"I truly appreciate the discussion on the therapeutic Wise Mind activity because that has given me some new talking points to use with my mentee when she gets really emotional!"
Participant from Adolescent Brain Functioning Workshop

Training Videos

Contact us to schedule a training at your organization!

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